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30 years ago a bond was formed between the owners of Northbound Coffee Roasters and the owner of the Little Market Cafe.  Neither were in the coffee business back then. They were in the traveling music festival business, selling their jewelry & clothing at concerts around the country.

Little did either know they would be working together again 3 decades later.  With the help of the internet the two were reunited only to find out they had both settled in small towns near historic railroad stations but at opposite sides of America!  With their love of coffee & community they could only see good things happening by joining forces!  Coffee Freaks Unite!

About Northbound Coffee Roasters

Northbound Coffee is roasted in small (tiny, really) batches in their vintage roaster at the base of Mount Shasta in beautiful Northern California. Behind each roast is a ritualized process aimed at crafting coffees that meet their own high standards for their single origin and blended coffees. They spend a good deal of time sourcing and selecting the finest beans, then roast them to perfection, drawing out their best qualities. Each green bean that enters the workspace is shaped by the geography and climate of the farm where it is grown, and through their cupping process, they seek the best method for presenting the natural flavor of the coffee.

They only roast to order, as they believe that the freshest coffee is the best coffee. Each week they begin anew: on Monday, there is no roasted coffee on hand. They roast throughout the week, shipping and delivering everything by Friday, to begin again the next week. Every bag is hand packed and dated to guarantee the coffee drinker the freshest coffee. Each coffee is roasted in their 1956 German Probat roaster that requires a blend of art and science to attain perfection. They cup every roast to assure you have an exceptional coffee experience each and every time. their attention to detail is driven by passion for quality.

“Our love of quality is part of a larger devotion to those things that are built to last and forever produce a phenomenal experience. Sound like too big a promise for just a cup of coffee? Let us be part of your daily coffee ritual and deliver you something pleasantly unexpected.” 

– Keith, Jen & the Northbound Team 


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