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The Truehearts are a Nashville based Americana/Rock band  comprised of singer/songwriters Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams. Their music is full of harmonies and hooks to raise a smile, with lyrics that range from love and yearning to dreams and cautionary tales. Originally from the DC/Baltimore area, The Truehearts tour throughout the US and have become a fixture in the East Nashville Americana scene.


"...rocking damn gorgeous eclectic but unified songs, about the never-ending fight to come out on top in life"

-Tommy Womack (East Nashvillian magazine)

"Americana that blows open the ears and doors..."

-Chris Spector (Midwest Record)

"The TrueHearts are aptly named. These are good people, making good music for right and good reasons."

- Peter Cooper, Grammy award nominated singer-songwriter and author