What time are the concerts?
Friday & Saturday 6pm - 8pm, Sunday 12am - 3pm

What if there is bad weather?
Keep an eye on our Facebook page. We will let you know at the latest 3 hours prior to the event.

Is the Courtyard a public park or owned by the county?
No. The Courtyard is owned by the Little Market Cafe, Park Ridge Creamery & private residents.

Who puts the concerts on?
The Little Market Cafe & Park Ridge Creamery... We often hear how nice it is that "they" put the concerts on and how it must help our business. We are the "they". We get no county financial support for doing the concerts.  

Can we bring outside food & drink to the concerts?
No, please don't. The courtyard is our outdoor dining area. In order to have entertainment, we depend on you to support our business by purchasing our amazing food & beverages.

Do you serve alcohol?
We do not sell alcohol, but we allow you to BYOB if you are over 21. Please be respectful and recycle your bottles and cans. During certain events, such as fundraisers, we will not allow outside alcohol. We will let you know on our event schedule if a specific event is not BYOB.

Its outside, can we smoke?
Please don't smoke while seated in the courtyard. You many smoke in the parking lot area.

Are you events family friendly?

Can we bring our dogs?
We love your dogs, we even have water & treats for them. Be aware that concerts can be loud and quite packed with people and running children. If your furry friends aren't cool with this, maybe keep them at home during the event.

Is there seating available?
Seating is available for customers only on a first come, first serve basis.