4 flashy guys on a sofa

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DARLATONES… the untold story…


In the backcountry Everglades, we three came upon our fourth in a basket floating downstream: little Willy B hatching.  We picked him up and continued on our expedition crossing-off Rhonda’s bucket-list for, sadly, Rhonda’s time is near since recently being diagnosed with terminal hypochondria.  We board a cruise ship, deep waters - but, the swing band gets food poisoning.  We volunteer to jump in.  Willy B has already grown to 3 feet at this point, and more so by the second.  A rep from Rough Rider Records was there.  He looked like he had been riding horses his whole life.  DARLATONES is discovered.  The rest is history.  But, sadly, since this next show will be Rhonda’s last, we kindly ask that you please put Willy B back into a basket to send off down river… little Willy B hatching.  Read a textbook.  


DARLATONES is Aaron Ross (drums, ukulele), Colamiles/Colin Bickley (vocals, guitar), Rhonda/Paul Beckwith (bass, vocals, mandolin), Willy B/William Brian Morrison (abstract)