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The Aethellis band was officially formed in 2004 after the release of the first Aethellis album (self-titled) in 2003.

The members consist of musicians who have been playing together in the Baltimore Area since the 1980s in various other bands such as Logos and Affinity.

The band’s cover repertoire consists of popular tunes from the 1940s (“All of Me” originally sung by Billie Holiday) up through the 1980s (“Take On Me” by A-ha) to the 2000s (“Viva La Vida” by Coldplay).

The members also toss in some original songs that have charted at #1 in Maryland at Number On Music online in the past few years. Some songs have charted in the top 40 nationally as well.

Current members are:

Erik Marks – bass, vocals

Ellsworth Hall – keyboards, vocals

Mark Van Natta – guitar, vocals

With auxiliary members:

Chris Marks – guitar

Larry Hale – drums


More info at http://www.aethellis.com