Meet Our Team

Girl with long red hair

Jeni - Chef & Owner


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Max - General Manager

I started working at the cafe in Nov. 2011. My favorite part of the cafe is all the friends I've made, getting to work with them, and having fun at the cafe every day. I aspire to be a financial planner in the future.

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Mary Sue - Kitchen Manager

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Sofia - Barista aka "The Boss"

I started working at the Little Market Café in June of 2016.

My favorite thing about working at the café is constantly laughing with all my coworkers!

In the future I plan on pursuing a career in marine biology. 

Girl Standing by the

Melody - Assistant Manager

My name is Melody, I started working here in the summer of 2017. 

Through the past few years at The Little Market Café I grew from being alone living in an entirely new town to now having a group of people who I call friends and family.

I am currently an Animation student and can’t wait till one day owning my own business :) 

Girl Holding a painted rock that reads "you matter"

Angela - Shift Manager

I started working at the cafe in August 2017. My favorite thing about the cafe is that it’s like my second home. I hope one day to find a career that incorporates working with arts, people with special needs and weekends at the cafe slinging coffee.

Man Looking out the window at cafe

Tyler - Barista Team Leader

Oh hey there, Tyler and such; I began working in the coffee business since 2016.

I moved to Ellicott City from Athens, Ohio and began working at The Little Market Cafe in May of 2018.

I love working in Ellicott City because of the strong community and the amazing coworkers that I am so grateful to call my friends.

In the future, I look to start a landscape nursery business.

Have a great day!:)

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Chris - Barista

I started working at the cafe in the beginning of the 2017 Summer.

I love the cafe because my coworkers are amazing, the Ellicott City town is beautiful, and the customers are kind. 

In the future, I will be in the UCLA class of 2023. I can’t wait for Los Angeles but I will miss my Little Market family.