woman playing a cello

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Wanderlight bridges ethereal and immediate sounds, writing indie-folk songs of sorrow and joy composed of Mell Picco's ethereal vocals and cello, Brennan Kuhns’ twinkly guitar licks, Bryan Geiger's steady bass, and Jesse Florida's trunk kit percussion.

Brennan and Mell, both former members of Petal Blight, founded the new project Wanderlight in 2015. The group performs original songs inspired by heartache, secret gardens, beautiful conversations with strangers, the light they find in every darkness, and the historical town of Ellicott City they call home.

Wanderlight takes their traditional and classical instruments and tries to approach them from new perspectives, bringing a fresh set of harmonies and rhythms from beyond the usual bounds of acoustic music.

Wanderlight ranges from a duo to a quartet and has performed in spaces from intimate parlours to bar and lounges to conventions and outdoor festivals