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"Thoughtful and insightful".   “I could listen (to their music) for hours”.   This is how many describe the music of Lark Rize.  And perhaps this speaks to the feelings the music of Lark Rize engenders  – a feeling of comfort and ease, a place where anyone can discover something, be it a point of view, a sentiment, a voice, or a story  Which is just as well since Lark Rize – made up by husband and wife team, Joe on acoustic guitar and Elena on acoustic upright bass, micro-bass, and guitar - was born out of the simple love of music and their desire to embark on a journey where creating and sharing music are its hallmarks.   

With classical guitar and British folk influences in her background, Elena is the finger stylist of the duo and a recent convert to the bass.   Her rhythm provides a base for their musical interpretations and her voice reflects a sensitivity that is genuine and unassuming.   An accomplished banjo player in his own right and long-time bluegrass band member in the Washington area, Joe’s mellow tenor voice, improvisational guitar breaks and easy cross-picking style, superbly enrich their musical interpretations.   Together, their voices blend effortlessly, striking a harmonious sound.